Canada: The Second-Best Country in the World for 2023

Switzerland might hold the top spot, but Canada is not far behind, securing a commendable second place in the 2023 Best Countries ranking by U.S. News. This is a leap from its third-place position in 2022.

Sweden, Australia, and the United States also grace the top five. U.S. News considered a massive 87 countries for this ranking, breaking down the top 20 countries across 10 vital sub-categories, which played a significant role in their comprehensive analysis.

The evaluative process was expansive, capturing the opinions of over 17,000 individuals from 36 diverse countries. These individuals ranged from business magnates to college-educated middle-class citizens and nationally representative participants from each nation.

But, what are these sub-categories, and where does Canada stand?

Canada in 10 Sub-Categories:

Canada shone brightly, ranking within the top five in four pivotal sub-categories:

– Entrepreneurship: 5th, trailing the US, Germany, Japan, and the UK.

– Quality of Life: 3rd, just after Sweden and Norway.

– Social Purpose: 4th, following Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

– Agility: 2nd, only behind the US.

Interestingly, ‘Social Purpose’ was defined as the ability of a country’s citizens to unite behind significant causes, reflecting progress, inclusivity, and social justice. ‘Agility,’ on the other hand, revolved around how efficiently a country can navigate obstacles, adapting and pivoting as required.

Canada’s Position in “Best For” Countries:

Further, Canada found itself in the top seven in nine of the 15 attributes U.S. News utilized to determine which countries were the “Best For” specific qualities. Here’s how Canada performed:

– 2nd best country to kickstart a career

– 4th best for education

– 7th for studying abroad

– 7th ideal country for raising children

– 2nd in promoting racial equality

– 6th best for women’s rights

– 6th most preferred for a comfortable retirement

– 6th in transparency

– 2nd most suitable for corporate headquarters

Deciphering Canada’s Global Status:

These rankings reveal a significant truth about Canada: It is a beacon for immigrants worldwide. Its consistent top-tier rankings across vital areas like career opportunities, education, and quality of life illustrate its appeal.

The ranking for education is particularly noteworthy. Both potential immigrants and those who recently migrated can rest assured that Canada remains a global hotspot for skilled workers and international students.

Canada’s accolades don’t end at education or job opportunities. The nation’s rankings for child-rearing and racial equality offer immigrant parents the assurance of raising their children in a culture of acceptance and inclusivity.

Moreover, for those looking at the long game, Canada’s recognition as a haven for retirees is the cherry on top. This suggests a life of comfort post-retirement, a reward for the years of perseverance.

In Conclusion, Canada’s remarkable performance in the U.S. News 2023 ranking echoes what many have known for years: it’s a land of unparalleled opportunity and growth. From education to retirement, Canada pledges a promising journey for all, making it a top choice for global immigrants.


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