Canada Announces Humanitarian Pathway for Sudanese Families Amid Conflict


Humanitarian PathwayCanada has long been a country that prides itself on helping those in need worldwide. In keeping with this tradition, the Canadian government has made a significant announcement that underscores its commitment to humanitarian efforts, particularly concerning the distressing situation in Sudan.

A New Pathway for Peace and Family Reunion

The Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, has revealed a new family-based humanitarian pathway. This pathway is designed specifically for Sudanese and non-Sudanese nationals residing in Sudan at the outset of the current conflict on April 15, 2023. The initiative aims to allow these individuals to reunite with their families in Canada, offering them a chance to start anew in a peaceful and supportive environment.

Eligibility and Support

To qualify for this program, applicants must be direct relatives—children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, or siblings—of Canadian citizens or permanent residents currently residing in Canada. Furthermore, these family members in Canada must be willing to provide support and assist the newcomers in settling and integrating into Canadian society.

Canada’s Ongoing Support for Sudan

Beyond the introduction of this new humanitarian pathway, Canada has been actively involved in assisting Sudanese individuals who are already temporarily residing in Canada. Measures such as extending their stay, changing their status without a fee, and prioritizing their temporary and permanent residence applications have been implemented.

Humanitarian Assistance to Sudan

With a humanitarian assistance package exceeding $165 million in 2023, Canada continues to work with international partners to deliver critical services and aid, such as food, clean water, and health services, to those affected by the conflict in Sudan.

A Tradition of Humanitarianism

Minister Marc Miller emphasized Canada’s unwavering commitment to humanitarian efforts, stating, “This humanitarian pathway will help reunite loved ones and save lives.” Canada recognizes the resilience of the Sudanese people and values their contributions to their communities and to Canada itself.

Next Steps for Applicants

The specifics regarding the application process will soon be available on the IRCC website. It is crucial for potential applicants to start preparing the necessary documents and to remain updated on the latest information.


As, we applaud Canada’s action and encourage those affected to seek this opportunity for a safe and secure future. Stay tuned to our website and resources for more detailed information and assistance with the application process once it becomes available.

Remember, is here to help you navigate these new pathways toward a hopeful future in Canada.


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