Extension of Supportive Measures for Iranian Nationals in Canada

In a world where the echoes of injustices often reverberate across borders, the Government of Canada has once again proven its commitment to standing with those facing adversity. The heart-wrenching events following the tragic demise of Mahsa Amini in Iran have sparked international outrage and a strong call for justice and reform. Responding with compassion and solidarity, Canada introduced special measures aimed at supporting Iranian nationals residing in Canada as temporary residents, alongside Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Iran. It is with a profound sense of relief and gratitude that we announce the extension of these measures until February 28, 2025.

A Glimpse into the Special Measures

In light of the ongoing crackdown on protestors in Iran, these special measures offer a lifeline to Iranian nationals in Canada, allowing them to continue their journey without the looming fear of uncertainty. Here’s what the extended support entails:

  • Extension of Temporary Resident Status: Iranian nationals in Canada with a valid temporary resident status can breathe a sigh of relief. They are eligible to apply for an extension of their stay, be it for study, work, or visiting family, without incurring any fees. This initiative is a testament to Canada’s understanding of the complexities and dangers they may face if required to return to their homeland under current circumstances.
  • Flexibility in Changing Temporary Streams: Recognizing the dynamic needs of individuals, the government has made it possible for Iranian nationals to move between temporary resident streams within Canada. Whether transitioning from a student to a worker, or vice versa, this can now be done free of charge, providing them with the flexibility to adapt to their evolving needs and aspirations.
  • Support for Canadians in Iran: Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Iran are not left behind. Those wishing to leave Iran can apply for passports and permanent resident travel documents at no cost. This measure ensures that they have a safe passage back to Canada, safeguarding their well-being amidst the uncertain situation in Iran.

The Path Forward

As we continue to witness the situation in Iran unfold, the extension of these special measures is a beacon of hope and solidarity. It underscores Canada’s unwavering commitment to human rights and its readiness to extend support to those in need. For Iranian nationals in Canada and Canadians in Iran, this announcement is not just an extension of a policy; it’s an extension of a caring hand in their hour of need.

For more detailed information on how to avail of these special measures, we encourage you to visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. It’s crucial to stay informed and understand the process to ensure a smooth application and transition.

As we stand together in these trying times, let us continue to show compassion and support for each other. The extension of these measures by the Government of Canada is a step in the right direction, offering hope and reassurance to many. Let’s keep the spirit of unity and support alive, as we navigate through these challenges together.

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