New Designated Educational Credential Assessment Organization for Architects

Ottawa, May 22, 2024—Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has introduced a significant new process for architects seeking immigration to Canada. This process is crucial for architects regarding the educational credential assessments (ECAs) they need to obtain.

As part of the eligibility criteria for various economic permanent residence programs, applicants must prove the authenticity and equivalence of their foreign degrees, diplomas, or certificates to Canadian credentials. This is achieved through obtaining an ECA from an IRCC-designated multi-purpose ECA organization or professional body.

Effective May 20, 2024, the Minister has designated the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) to issue ECAs specifically for applicants whose primary or intended occupation falls under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) of “Architect” (NOC 21200). ECAs issued by the CACB will provide a clear understanding of how foreign educational credentials compare to Canadian credentials required for practicing architecture. Furthermore, these ECAs are recognized as a crucial step in the licensing process for architects.

Important Note: If your primary occupation is “Architect” (NOC 21200) and you possess a valid ECA issued by another designated organization before October 31, 2024, rest assured that it will continue to be accepted.

For detailed information on ECAs, including the process of obtaining an ECA from the CACB, please refer to the following online resources:

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This information aims to empower individuals with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about their choice of ECA organization. For further assistance, visit Home – Guide Me (

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