Navigating the Immigration Process for Adopted Children: What Happens After You Apply

Welcome back to our series on family sponsorship for immigration to Canada! We discussed eligibility criteria and the application process in Part 01 (Sponsor Your Family Members: Immigration Process — Intercountry Adoption. – Guide Me Immigration) of the sponsoring adopted child post. Now, let’s explore what unfolds after you submit your application and how to prepare for your adopted child’s arrival in Canada.

Processing Your Application

Once you’ve completed and submitted your application to sponsor your adopted child to come to Canada, there are additional steps in the process. The processing time varies depending on the country and specific circumstances. You can check the application processing times on our website to get an estimate of how long it might take.

Issuing the Permanent Resident Visa

Upon completing the immigration requirements, you’ll receive notification that your child is ready to be issued a permanent resident visa. It’s crucial not to make plans to return to Canada with your child until you’ve confirmed that all immigration requirements have been met. While the process may seem lengthy and complex, it’s essential for ensuring the child’s protection and legal status.

Obtaining Your Child’s Passport

You must obtain their passport from their home country to facilitate your child’s travel to Canada. Then, present the passport to the Canadian visa office serving the child’s home country to receive a permanent resident visa. Upon arrival in Canada, the visa and the child’s passport must be presented to Canada Border Services officers.

Preparing for Arrival

Whether your child is already in Canada or will be arriving soon, it’s essential to be prepared. If your child is already in Canada, you’ll receive instructions on confirming their permanent residence status through the Permanent Residence Portal. Sometimes, an in-person interview with an immigration officer may be required.

Settlement Services

Upon arrival, you can access free newcomer services to help your child settle into life in Canada. These services may include language assessment or training, assistance with school enrollment, and support connecting with the local community. You can find service provider organizations near you to avail of these invaluable resources.

Pre-Arrival Services

Before your child arrives in Canada, you can access free pre-arrival services to help them transition smoothly. These services provide information on living and working in Canada, language learning opportunities, and community engagement initiatives.

Entry into Canada

When arriving in Canada, ensure you have all necessary documents, including the Confirmation of Permanent Residence, valid passport or travel document, and permanent resident visa. The border services officer will verify your child’s documentation and may conduct additional checks if necessary.

Ensuring Admissibility

If the border services officer determines that your child meets the requirements for entry into Canada, they will be allowed to enter as a permanent resident. Mailing their permanent resident card to the designated address will commence, marking the official commencement of their residency in Canada.

Applying for Citizenship

After your child becomes a permanent resident of Canada, you can apply for citizenship on their behalf, further solidifying their ties to their new home.

Healthcare and Travel

Refer to our international adoption and travel health resources for comprehensive information on healthcare provisions and travel considerations for adoptive parents and children.

As you navigate the immigration process for your adopted child, rest assured that our team is here to support you every step of the way. Stay tuned to the Home – Guide Me ( for more updates and insights on guiding your immigration journey smoothly.


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