Understanding the Current State of Canada’s Express Entry Pool: February 2024

Canada’s Express Entry system continues to shape the landscape of immigration in 2024, with more invitations to apply (ITAs) being issued to candidates across all three of its programs. This ongoing activity in the Express Entry pool prompts newcomers to gain insight into its composition and dynamics, providing valuable guidance for those navigating the immigration process.

How does the composition of the Express Entry pool influence CRS and draw size?

The composition of the Express Entry candidate pool plays a crucial role in determining Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) cut-off scores and draw sizes. While predicting these factors precisely remains challenging, understanding current trends can empower newcomers to anticipate potential outcomes in upcoming draws.

Distribution of scores impacts CRS cut-offs.

The distribution of scores within the pool directly influences CRS cut-off scores for future draws. Factors such as the addition or removal of profiles, previous draw invitations, and profile expirations contribute to shifts in score distribution. Notably, a significant presence of candidates from the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) can elevate average CRS scores due to the emphasis on Canadian work or study experience in the CRS scoring criteria.

Category-based draws shape score spread.

In 2023, significant changes were introduced to the Express Entry system, including the implementation of category-based draws tailored to Canada’s labor market needs. Candidates with specific professional experience or language proficiency aligned with these categories can receive ITAs, irrespective of their CRS score. Categories such as Healthcare, STEM, Trades, Transport, Agriculture, and French language proficiency offer targeted pathways for eligible candidates.

Immigration levels dictate draw sizes and limits.

Canada’s annual immigration levels plan outlines the intake of immigrants across various streams, including the economic class encompassing Express Entry. With 281,135 immigrants expected through economic streams this year, Express Entry will play a pivotal role, accounting for 110,770 of these arrivals. IRCC has already issued 16,910 ITAs through Express Entry in 2024 as of February 28th.

The current state of the Express Entry pool

As of February 27th, 2024, the Express Entry pool comprises 211,487 candidates. While the majority fall within the CRS score range of 451-500, over 65% of candidates possess scores below this grouping, indicating diversity within the pool. The following table provides an overview of score distribution within the pool, based on data from IRCC.

Understanding the nuances of the Express Entry pool empowers candidates with valuable insights into the immigration process, facilitating informed decisions and strategic planning for their journey to Canada.

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