🌟 Enhanced Processing Time Estimates for Immigration Applications

Exciting news for applicants navigating Canada’s immigration landscape! Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is rolling out improvements to the online processing times tool, empowering new clients better to anticipate the duration of their application processing journey.

Applications Covered:

  • Canadian Experience Class (Express Entry)
  • Provincial Nominees Program (Express Entry and non-Express Entry)
  • Federal Skilled Workers (Express Entry)
  • Quebec Skilled Workers
  • Citizenship Grants
  • Citizenship Certificate (Proof of Citizenship)
  • Spouse or Common-law Partner Living in Canada
  • Spouse, Common-law, or Conjugal Partner Living Outside Canada
  • Parents or Grandparents

🕒 Forward-Looking Processing Times: Forward-looking estimates give applicants a realistic projection of the time it will take to receive a final decision on their application or to take the oath of citizenship (for citizenship grant applicants). Updated monthly, these estimates enable clients to plan their travel and life arrangements based on accurate timelines.

🔄 Backward-Looking Processing Times: Historical processing times will continue to be used for other application types. These are based on IRCC’s processing of 80% of applications in the past six months for permanent residence programs and 8 or 16 weeks for temporary residence programs.

🔍 Already Applied? If you’ve already submitted your application, the new forward-looking times may indicate a shorter wait than your current duration. Rest assured, applications are processed in the order received, and you’ll typically wait no longer than the new estimated processing time for a decision. Avoid reapplying; this will reset your queue position and extend processing time.

IRCC remains committed to enhancing online tools for a transparent, predictable, and welcoming application experience. Stay tuned to the Blog – Guide Me Immigration for more updates as we refine our services!

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