🌟 New Temporary Public Policy to Benefit Hong Kong Permanent Residence Applicants 🌟

📢 Important Update: Canada reaffirms its commitment to Hong Kong nationals, supporting their freedom and democracy. In response to the evolving situation in Hong Kong, a new temporary public policy has been introduced to assist Hong Kong permanent residence pathway applicants in Canada.

📅 Effective May 27, 2024: Open work permits will be available to applicants applying for permanent residence under Stream A (in-Canada graduates) or Stream B (Canadian work experience) of the temporary public policy for Hong Kong residents in Canada. Additionally, applicants must have held a work or study permit in the three years preceding their application for permanent residence.

🛂 Key Features of the New Public Policy:

  • Applicants can extend their temporary status in Canada while their permanent residence application is processed.
  • The policy will remain in effect for five years to allow applicants to maintain their status in Canada.
  • Those with expired temporary status within the last 90 days can apply to restore their status simultaneously with the new open work permit application.

👨‍💼 Responsibility for Renewing Status: Applicants with temporary status in Canada or their guardians must ensure timely renewal of their status as needed. Applications to extend work or study permits should be submitted before the current permit expires to maintain legal status during processing.

📝 Application Process: Visit our website for detailed information and instructions on how to apply under the new temporary public policy.

Canada stands with Hong Kong nationals, offering support and assistance during this challenging time. Stay informed on the Blog – Guide Me Immigration and take advantage of the opportunities provided by this new public policy. 🇨🇦✨

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