How to Apply to the SINP: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you considering immigrating to Canada through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)? Here’s everything you need to know about the application process:

Overview: The SINP offers a pathway for non-Canadians to settle in Saskatchewan permanently. Successful applicants are nominated by the province for permanent residency in Canada. However, it’s essential to note that SINP is just one step in the process, and applicants must also apply for residency through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


  • Competitive application processing times
  • Guidance from provincial immigration officers
  • Identification as SINP nominees during the permanent residency application with IRCC

Important Information: While applicants can choose to work with immigration consultants, no consultant receives an immigrant quota from Saskatchewan. It’s crucial to ensure accurate applications and provide valid documentation.

Program Categories:

  1. International Skilled Worker: For skilled workers intending to work and live in Saskatchewan.
  2. Saskatchewan Experience: For foreign nationals already residing and working in Saskatchewan.
  3. Entrepreneur and Farm: For individuals planning to start a business or operate a farm in Saskatchewan.

How to Use OASIS: OASIS is the SINP’s online application system used to administer program applications and correspondence. Refer to the OASIS User Guide for detailed instructions on navigating the system.

Who is Not Eligible to Apply: Several categories of individuals are ineligible to apply, including refugee claimants in Canada and those with unresolved custody or child support disputes.

What to Do After You Apply:

  • Await review of your application’s completeness.
  • Address any deficiencies if your application is deemed incomplete.
  • Respond promptly to requests for additional documentation.
  • Apply for a Temporary Work Permit if your application is approved while awaiting Permanent Resident Visa processing.

Recommendation and Final Decision:

  • SINP will make a recommendation on nomination based on application review.
  • Final decisions include approval, ineligibility, or misrepresentation determination.
  • Detailed procedures and guidelines for each category are available for reference.

Navigating the SINP application process requires attention to detail and adherence to program criteria. Stay informed, and follow the guidelines provided to increase your chances of success.

For further information and updates, visit IRCC’s official website.

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